I’m Jimmy Grist, and I write and draw stuff. I originally made this site to keep a list of publications for short stories, but then I decided to add a comic and make that the main focus. That’s why the URL is my name, not the comic’s name. Also, if I ever make a different comic in the future, I won’t need to buy another website.

The site’s pretty simple, but here are all of the things you’d expect a webcomic to do:

  • Social media: I’m not on Facebook but I am on Twitter, mostly just to post about new comics and read about chimpanzees. Also, now, Tumblr.
  • Conventions: Nothing on my schedule right now, but if you know of anything near the middle of the map, let me know!
  • Advertising/Tip Jar: Uh, I don’t know. I still haven’t pulled the trigger on either of these things, but the site’s not really getting enough hits yet for me to have to worry about it. If you like the comic enough that you somehow want to compensate me for it, just show it a friend. Honestly, I would rather gain a reader than have someone send me $5 over PayPal (though that’s a false dichotomy).
  • Merchandise: Haha, sorry. Right now I want to spend my time making comics, not designing t-shirts and keeping spreadsheets and shipping packages and paying taxes.
  • Commissions: I’m wary of making money doing something I like, because I’m worried I’ll stop liking it if it becomes work — and I don’t really like drawing someone else’s intellectual property. But there are always exceptions. If you want me to draw you something, honestly, the best way to get it is to become my friend and ask nicely.

Feel free to leave me a comment, tweet me a twote, or  send me an email using my name at gmail.com (as in, if you took the “.net” off this website and replaced it with “@gmail.com”).