Here’s the Valentine’s Day epilogue, and the end of one of my first substantial story arcs. It was really fun. Actually, it’s getting really hard to just write short standalone jokes. The comics I’m planning just keep getting bigger and bigger. I’m starting to understand how Bill Watterson felt about his enormous Sunday strips.

There aren’t any Photoshop circles here. I inked it all by hand, which I like better anyway, except for one part: my friend Chelsea L. helped me out by doing Skunk Kid’s handwriting. Thanks, Chelsea!

You guys, this is my twentieth comic. That doesn’t mean much, but I’m stoked. I was sitting around wondering how to get more readers, right? And then I figured it out: my comic’s not professional enough. It’s missing that drama, that verve — dat gravitas. So in order to rectify the situation, I’ve reproduced a super-deep version of the above strip using tried-and-true webcomic techniques. Behold:

Dinosaur Kid #020 paste-mode

For people who really like paste.

– jimmy g.