New computer software! Don’t worry, I’m still intent on working by hand and making watercolor comics and complaining about how I don’t know how to scan them properly. I just want to keep trying new things out, too, for those times like NOW when I can’t sit in the warm light of my desklamp and splish up a thick, smooth piece of mixed media paper.

Here’re some progress shots:

MS5 processMS5 process2

Also, hey! I’m going to Lanzhou, the capital of Gansu province! This weekend I’ll go to visit, and by September I’ll be living there. Then, finally, I can spread out my stuff and do some comicky whatevers. You know, between the teaching and the secondary projects and the language learning and the cultural integration and hanging out with my students, colleagues, fellow volunteers, and new friends.

Between all that.


Now about that scanner …