I had originally used this picture to block off my website while I make changes, but I have to reopen the site now. I’m applying for tables at a couple of conventions and the people running the shows need to come review my work online. Oops.

What’s going on here, then? (1) I’m moving to Salt Lake City, (2) I’m retooling the comic and how I make it, and (3) Dinosaur Kid is coming back sometime in February, and it’ll be updating more than twice a week. At the moment, I’ve written almost 100 new strips. You can expect these to be more “newspapery,” i.e. simple, nostalgic, and limited in scope, but hopefully no less funny or fuzzy. I’m also drawing as often as I can to build up a respectable backlog, and while new processes’re always kinda awkward, I know this one’s going to get better and better with practice.

In the meantime, I’m going to continue to be quiet until things’re ready for the relaunch. See ya then.