I’m still alive! Dinosaur Kid’s comin’ back! Jiminy-willickers!

Sorry I’ve been away for so long. The last two months have been incredibly busy — busier than I’ve ever been in my life. If you’re here for the comics, that’s disappointing. But if you’re a student at the Chinese university where I’ve started teaching, you’re most likely thrilled because you’re getting all of my time and energy.

See, I’m just one of about 150 Peace Corps volunteers in China. When I came here, I kind of thought I’d have free time outside of class. I figured I could teach, make friends, study a little language, and draw lots of comicky whatevers. And at some universities, for some volunteers, this ended up being reality.

But as for me, I ended up at 兰州商学院, which can roughly be translated as “Super Busy Mega-School Forever x 100.” The lack of comics has not been because I’ve lost interest; it’s because my assignment has so much for me to do.

But this is a cover page for a new chapter of Dinosaur Kid. Unlike “Vs. Tooth Fairy,” this won’t be a long, sequential story. Instead, expect simple philosophical meanderings from the Dinoctosaurpus duo, to be posted irregularly.

Also, I’m going to make them digitally. Watercolors will return someday. Right now, for convenience’s sake, this is the way it’s gotta be.

See ya soon!