Shucks, it feels good to write an update. Here’s your first ice cream kōan. And here’s a progress shot!

ICKs 001 progIt took a long time to put together, but it was fun. I’ll try to do another soon!

But hey, in the meantime, you can visit the other comics page, too. I posted something new — an 8-page story that I put together for an anthology in somebody else’s universe. It was fun to take somebody else’s characters and setting, then try to do my own thing with it. It’s called “N’Mores,” and it’s about those.

EDIT: And oh, shoot, look at that — there are white scratches in certain patches of color, like DK’s shirt. That’s definitely not the case on my high resolution original. There must be some incompatibility between the brushes I used and the way I shrunk the picture down. Dang.