Part one’s done! What did you think? In writing this story, I’m trying to practice structuring better plots. Like DK vs. Tooth Fairy (and unlike the other stories that might be funny at times but really tend to meander), I didn’t start drawing it until the whole thing was outlined in 21-or-so parts. A lot of the incidental dialogue is written as I go, but the important part is that I know what happens to move the story forward in each update. And all this practice should help me make (1) better Dinosaur Kid stories and (2) other good stuff, too. For example: a big comic book about these two years in China. Before I start drawing that, though, I’ve just gotta make sure that (1) it’s fully written, (2) it’s consistently stylized, and (3) I’m back home.

Speaking of home, the baseball playoffs’re beginning! I’m gonna watch all I can, since I’ve been kinda tuned out for most of the regular season. But most of the games happen around 8:00 in the morning China time — and I’m often teaching then. Actually, last year, I saw the last out of Game 7 during my ten-minute break in the middle of a two-hour class. That was a little … disruptive.

Oh, hey, and you know what else? That Kickstarter I posted about made its funding goal. If you backed it, thanks for your support! If you didn’t, that’s alright. Thanks for being here anyway.